How to build a compelling portfolio?


Every developer must have a portfolio website; it gives them a platform where they can post all their work in one place and show their general skills.

So, I am a CS Undergrad, two weeks back; I wondered if everyone seems to have a portfolio while I don’t. So I researched about building and designing the perfect collection. You can check it out at

A picture of the home page of my portfolio

Give the perfect amount of information

It is essential to give the optimum amount of data. A lack of knowledge would make a wrong impression, and the reviewer might reject you. On the other hand, giving too much information would not leave you with any additional information to give in the interview. Also, overwhelming the reviewer with information might lead to the reviewer rejecting you before interviewing. So the amount of information you provide has to be very well curated.

Display Picture

People don’t post their pictures in the US because people might prejudice and form unnecessary opinions about you based on your looks. Everywhere else, it is not that serious an issue. In my personal opinion, adding a picture adds to the UI.

Social Links

Never include your Reddit or any other social media accounts where you might post something that someone might not like or has details about your personal life or anything that does not concern the recruiter. LinkedIn and Twitter are some platforms that have lovely dev recruiter communities.

Post all your work

It would be best to have a projects section that must have the GitHub or the code somewhere. If the project has a live version to try it out, it is beneficial for the recruiter. Posting your work in one place gives the recruiter a ground to judge you based on all your projects, and it is the projects that give you the recognition. It also lets the recruiter see a more wholesome look of your working style and your skills.


Having a personal blog or a collection of personal blogs posted on various blogging sites is considered a plus point. Tech blogging is regarded as a helpful practice by the community.

What tools do you use

It would be best if you mentioned all the tools and technologies you use to dev. That gives recruiters an idea of the knowledge and skills they possess.


The portfolio design should be engaging and should please anyone looking at it within 5 seconds so that you have their attention to show what you have made. Look up to Behance or portfolios of other devs you follow on Twitter, or Github. Check what features they have in their portfolios, modify them, improve them to make the best out of them.


You must add your resume to your portfolio. A resume is a one-page gist of you. Every job needs a resume, and having a downloadable resume on your portfolio website is required.

Easy Contact

Make a Contact-Me form using NodeMailer or Email.js or maybe just an HTML form that submits data to a database. You would ask that you already have all your social media listed; the reviewer can quickly contact you through Email or LinkedIn, but people usually don’t take the pain; they need to log in to LinkedIn or Twitter to send you a message. Having a contact form makes it 200% convenient for the reviewer. #Responsivity It should unmistakably be responsive; a reviewer might open it in a mobile, a laptop or even a tablet or an IPad; you have to prepare for every case that might come!


The domain name adds to the branding of the website. The domain name must be related to your name, catchy and easy to remember, and maybe witty. You can host it using GitHub pages. GitHub student pack gives you a free .tech domain for one year. You also can get a free domain from Freenom.

Some Examples

These are some godly examples; you sure don’t need to make something this attractive. A classy and straightforward portfolio should be the best

  • check this amazing GitHub repository for many amazing portfolios Here
  • Bruno Simon has made a real game out of a portfolio
  • Robby Leonardi has made it with a story
  • Leg Work Studio has made incredible use of animations
  • Your Inspiration here

All the devs have time due to the pandemic and can focus on a portfolio of theirs. Also, I would appreciate it if you share some great portfolio ideas!